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A spectrum of symptoms.
The symptoms of ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) usually begin to emerge by age 2 or 3. This may include inability to perceive sights and sounds adequately, resistance to change in daily routines, poor motor skills, repetitive behaviors or movements, hyper-focus on one thing and loud outbursts.

The Cause of Abnormal Brainwaves is Not One Dimensional
Studies indicate that individuals with ASD have excessive connectivity in some areas of the brain and deficient connectivity in others.

What Causes Autism?
It develops as a result of a complex combination of factors and research is inconclusive of one main source. Studies show an accelerated increase of stress to the developing toddlers system as a result of toxic burden to the body and various other factors. The increased burden can begin in utero and beyond including exposure to medications, vaccines, environment, diet, lifestyle, inflammation and genetics. These all can add to the development of ASD.

How Does Neurofeedback Help Autism?
Neurofeedback uses biofeedback technology to establish healthier brainwave patterns. With ASD, a common finding is abnormal brainwaves. Studies show that neurofeedback helps to stabilize and improve brainwave function. By facilitating improvement in areas of abnormal connectivity and improving brainwave function, outcomes are optimized.

Are There Noted Improvements For Autism?
Improvements from neurofeedback that have been clinically observed include: initiation of touch and contact, reduced emotional outbursts, clear speech patterns, better responses to parental and teacher instructions, increased imaginative thought, decreased hyperactivity and improvement of social skills.

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