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What do these things have in common:
Anxiety, Depression, Memory, Reading Comprehension, ADHD, Coordination, PTSD, Anger, Autism, Migraines, Insomnia, Epilepsy?

Faulty brainwave activity and communication.
Basically, a brain that doesn’t function the way it was designed. Most of these conditions are managed with medications. Most do not have a long term cure. But what if there was a way to re-train the brain into communicating and functioning better? What if there was a way to do this without drugs? The other thing those conditions have in common is that each has been researched using Neurofeedback to correct and mitigate the effects of the disorders.

What are brainwaves?
The brain has been mapped so we know what areas of the brain govern what biological activity you are trying to perform. Everything from your heart beating to throwing a baseball to feeling depressed.

Brainwaves dictate and control how we make the chemicals (Neurotransmitters) which then in turn communicate to the rest of your body and determine how you function in this world. They are the primary determining information checked to see if you are still alive! We have several different brainwaves which are active 24/7 in our brains. From super- fast speeds to slow turtle-like speeds. Each brainwave has a specific function.

What is Neurofeedback?
Quite simply, it is a brain mapping and training program used to correct brainwave anomalies. Using a QEEG to map your brainwaves, we can determine how you are using them in each area of your brain. By determining the amount, speed, balance, and communication of your brainwave activity, we can see where there are areas of “Dysregulation” or abnormal brainwave patterns and faulty nerve connectivity. This is also called “Neuroplasticity”. For example, we know that increased amounts of beta wave activity can be a strong indicator for those suffering from anxiety. The training program helps your brain become more “Regulated” and, therefore, function correctly. This regulation alleviates the symptoms of the conditions you are suffering from by helping your brain over come debilitating symptoms from a multitude of conditions. We help your brain learn how to help itself! Nothing is put into the brain. The brain is rewarded for producing the right brainwave at the right time in the right area. Doing this repeatedly can correct and encourage correct brainwave patterns, which in turn, lets down the correct chemicals in your brain.

What is Neuroplasticity?
It’s your brain’s ability to grow new neurons, to create new connections and new pathways. It’s your brains ability to correct and, most importantly, to remain active! As we age, or through certain drugs, chemicals, and injuries, our brains go through a “pruning” process. Basically, if you don’t use it, or its damaged, the brain gets rid of it. It prunes it away like dying branches on a tree. Yes, our brains actually shrink, and not in the good way! Maintaining an active, healthy, “plastic” brain is crucial to our experience on this earth!

A note about medications: The only thing medications can do is alter your brain chemicals to function better. Drugs only work while you are taking them. Correct brainwave activity isn’t addressed and it’s the primary cause of most of these disorders. In other words, once you stop a medication, your brain goes right back to functioning the way it did. By teaching the brain through Neurofeedback, we are allowing the brain to learn and correct; to create the proper brainwave needed and to create a new neural pathway. This allows the brain to communicate better and to be healthier.

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